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"Over the years I have spent as Dr. Dowse’s patient, I have felt the shackles of anxiety loosen their grasp, have been listened to, guided, and encouraged to learn all about myself and my body that I can, and have been given the tools to continue my self care between visits.  What she provides is not only exemplary compassion and knowledge, but also the self empowerment and awareness needed to begin and sustain the healing process."


“As it turns out, acupuncture and natural medicine is the best possible thing I could have done.  Since I have been a patient of Dr. Dowse’s, my life and health have immeasurably improved.  Under Dr. Dowse’s guidance, I have become more in tune with my body than I ever knew I could be.  I have not only felt tremendously respected under Dr. Dowse’s care, but I have felt listened to and actually cared for, a feeling that had previously been foreign to me.”


“I have benefited so much from Brittani’s intuitive, healing work as acupuncturist and naturopath over the past three years.  In addition to treating me for chronic pain (neck, shoulder, back), stress, and allergy elimination, she provides wise guidance for maintaining healthier liver/spleen function through dietary adjustments at home and when I travel.”


"As an avid gardener, I highly recommend Brittani for allergy elimination treatment. Before getting treatment from her, I would break out into hives from physical contact with grasses, nightshades, and squash leaves.  It was annoying to garden with long-sleeves, especially in hot weather, to avoid the huge welts I’d get from contact with these plants.  I was initially skeptical that I could treat my allergies with this drug-free treatment, but was so pleased to see it has had a long-lasting effect.  Soon after the initial no-contact period (no eating of or physical contact with the targeted allergen), I tested the treatment, rubbing my bare hands and arms against tomato and cucumber leaves and fruit in the fall garden.  No more welts!  Though I was treated two growing seasons ago, the treatment still holds."


"I tested as allergic to several foods (legumes) and red wine and received treatment for these allergies.  I no longer experience uncomfortable bloating from eating legumes and can now sip red wine without the painful tingling sensation I would get before the treatment."


"I appreciate the way that Dr. Dowse worked with me to prioritize eliminating the allergies that had the greatest impact on my life.  She’s a gifted healer and a wonderful, compassionate person.  I am so happy to send friends and family members her way."


"Once you make a decision, the universe conspires to make it happen."

Ralph Waldo Emerson

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162 W. Robbers Roost Suite 1
Cedar City, Iron County 84720
(South of Smith's behind/East of Jiffy Lube)

P:  435-565-6499

F:  435-359-5050

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